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                      首页就业机会 LEADERSHIP SPEECH

                      LEADERSHIP SPEECH

                      Set sail andh construct a good vision of development


                      In the 20 years of journey for entrepreneurship
                      Years have passed as a sea and past events have faded like a song
                      Fujian Fazhan Group rose abruptly by forging ahead


                      21 deep footprints
                      Have marked the trails of trudge and struggling;
                      21 circles of thick and solid growth rings,
                      Have carried the back of all loyalhearted colleagues
                      We are like-minded partners, 
                      Adhere to morality and justice and follow compliance principle,
                      Share tacit understanding of spirit and happiness of success.


                      A new round of entrepreneurship has set off, 
                      We hope everyone can cherish the past days and predestined relationship and be sincere 
                      Join hands and go together to forge good vision of development...